Dog's Unleashed in Reno/Sparks

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If you are a dog owner like me then you have probably spoiled your best friend with a couple visits to a dog park or at least have been on the hunt for one. There is nothing like seeing the pure joy of your dog frolicking through an unleashed dog park for the first time. There is an unleashed dog park for every type of dog and owner in the northern Nevada area. Below are the five dog parks that don't require your pup to wear a leash:

  1. Link Piazzo Dog Park at Hidden Valley Regional Park- The unique thing about the Link Piazzo dog park is that has two gated areas. One for small dogs and the other for big dogs. What a great way to even the playing field and give each dog a chance to hold their own! Address: 4740 Parkway Dr. Reno, NV 89502Phone: (775) 328-2000
  2. Rancho San Rafael Regional Park - Multi Use Pasture- This dog park is a giant field for your dog to run rampant and enjoy the company of any size dog at any age. Just make sure to bring a doggie bag with you (trust me on this, I found out the hard way). Address: 1595 N Sierra St, Reno, NV 89503 Phone:(775) 785-4512
  3. Sparks Marina Dog Park- The Marina dog park offers a nice little gated area for you fury friend to run free on a grassy hill with the option of a nice dip into the cool water of the Marina it's self. If you are planning a trip here make sure to bring a towel and have your car seats prepped before hand, because there is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog left lingering for you daily commutes. Address: 300 Howard Dr, Sparks, NV 89434 Phone:(775) 353-2376
  4. Virginia Lake Dog Park- After a successful restoration project to improve this dog park, it is now one of the best parks in town to challenge your dogs mind and energy levels. Make sure your dog is in shape to be a be able to handle the agility equipment and obstacle course centered in the middle of the dog park. Address: Reno, NV 89509 Phone: (775) 827-7600
  5. Whitaker Dog Park- This fenced in dog park is a convenient place to take your dog to enjoy a nice off the leash run with shaded trees and picnic table for you to sit as you watch you dog play. Address: 550 University Terrace, Reno, NV 89503 Phone: (775) 353-8900

They say that over 53% of dogs in the united states are overweight or obese. Don't let your dog become a statistic, go and show them that you care by taking them to one of these local dog parks.