Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Catch a Realtor by the Toe

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With over 1,600 real estate agents and counting in the Reno/Sparks area, choosing the right one to sell your home can be a difficult decision. Lucky for you: they are in the selling and marketing industry - so in turn the way that they sell and market themselves is a big indicator of what to expect when selling your home. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right agent for you:

Their Website

  • Is their website plain and outdated? 44% of home buyers initially used the internet to search for homes, so having a great online presence is huge deal!
  • Are they doing anything to drive traffic to their website? Little traffic to their website means low exposure to your home.
  • Do they have any original content? Chances are if they don't go the extra mile to put their own content on their website, they won't go the extra mile to get your home sold.
  • Can you contact them through multiple sources on their website? The easier it is to get a hold of an agent will increase the likely hood that they will get inquiries for your property.

First Impressions

You've all heard that first impressions really matter, well in real estate this holds very true. When you first get in contact with an agent look out for these things:

  • Do they take pride in their appearance? When it comes to picking an agent you want someone who displays professionalism at all times, especially when they represent your behalf. If you first meet and agent in sweat pants run for the door!
  • Are they responsive in a timely fashion? If it takes them a couple of hours or even worse a couple of days to respond, then you can expect this behavior throughout your contract.
  • Do they fight for their commission? If upon meeting an agent they are easily ready to lower their commission just to get your business, then this might be a sign of how they can easily give up a higher price when negotiating a sale on your home.

Their Own Branding and Marketing

  • Is their brand and marketing of professional quality? It's likely that if they use professionals to market themselves, then they will use professionals to help market your property as well. 
  • How are they differentiating themselves from other agents? With a lot of agents using the same old techniques and strategies as one another, they set themselves up for bland marketing. You want an agent who is willing to try innovative and new proven strategies to sell your home, so that they stand out from other homes on the market.
  • Are they still using a picture from two ages ago? People want to know who they are working with in todays market, so authenticity matters. 
  • What types of email are they using? If their emails end with accounts like @gmail or @yahoo, then they are missing out on some simple branding opportunities. It makes you wonder what else they might be missing out on?

Your Personal Judgment

  • Do they vibe well with you? At times the selling process can be long and grueling, so you will want someone that you feel comfortable with every step of the way.
  • Can you hold them accountable? Often times people will choose an agent that is a close friend or a family member, but you have to be able to ask yourself "Can this relationship withstand any rough patches or them not being able to get my home sold?"

At the end of the day this will be one of the biggest financial decisions that you will ever make in your life, so choosing the right agent to sell your home should be done with your best discretion. Choose wisely and let this information help you to make the best decision possible.