Homeowners Insurance: A Primer

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Homeowners Insurance: A Primer

 When it comes to owning a home there can be a lot that you may be liable for. Homeowners insurance takes a lot of this liability and stress off of your back!

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover sudden, unexpected losses. What does homeowners insurance cover? In general: l The structure of your home and other structures on your land. l Your personal property – furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc. l Living expenses while your damaged home is being repaired and you have to live somewhere else for a time. l You, when someone is hurt on your property and you're found to be at fault.

What doesn’t it cover?

l Flood.

l Mold damage.

l Theft or damage of your auto, boat or recreational vehicle on your property.

l Water main breaks and floods your house, or if a sewer line breaks and floods your house with sewage.

l Earthquakes.

l Terrorist activity resulting in damage to your home isn’t covered. Neither are war damage or nuclear accidents.

l Landslides and mudslides.

l Arson is covered if it’s perpetrated by a stranger or an ex-spouse, but not if you’re only separated or living apart. It doesn’t cover damage caused by your children.

l Damage caused by pest infestations.

l Damage resulting from neglect.

l Dog bites if you own a breed considered dangerous.

Make sure to not put yourself or your home to chance. Play it safe and look for the best homeowners insurance out there, you won't regret it.