How to conquer 2017

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2017 is right around the corner and accompanied with it is eveyones new years resolutions. It seems that the shelf life of these resolutions are typically about two months. We've all seen this at our local gyms with everyone fighting for their place on a work out machine and the following month there is nothing to be seen but tumbleweeds blowing across the gym floors. It can be a challenge to implement new changes into our lives, but don't give up so soon! Here are some great tips to help you stay on track this year with your resolutions:

    • What's your big why? People many times will go right into a goal without fully understanding why they are doing it. Dig deep and truly ask yourself why you are making these goals? Once you have this underlying meaning then only can you move forward with these goals.
    • Get some help! We are all in this world together, so make sure to get someone to hold you accountable through ought your journey of obtaining your goals.
    • Find someone who's reached a similiar goal. Follow their lead, chances are that they will protect you from the mistakes they've made along the same journey.
    • Make a plan of attack! Going cold turkey into anything is almost a sure way to failure. Make small obtainable goals and add to them as you go, this way you won't be overwhelmed.
    • Make it a daily habit! Unlike the popular myth of it taking 21 days to form a new habit, new studies have actually shown that it takes 66 days to make a habit stick.
    • Have something to remind you of your goal everyday. Something as small as a picture can put you right back on track when you feel yourself slipping.
    • Write down reasons you might fail. Once you know the obstacles lying ahead, you will be able to make strategies to overcome them when the time comes.

Now that you know what you have to do to conquer your new years resolutions this year, go into 2017 with the mindset of a warrior!