Who doesn't love a little DIY in the summer?

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Summer is finally here folks, and you know what that means? DIY project time!! I know what you're thinking..."NOT yard work!!!!" this DIY list is WAY more fun than yard work and house hold repairs. I wanted to share some fun DIY projects that you and your family can enjoy together. So go ahead, get your crafty skills moving, and make some magic happen!


 1. Make Summer Lanterns

Want to spruce up your backyard with a little evening ambiance? Check out this adorable DIY lanterns that are easy to make and add so much character to your yard: Click Here


2. Rainbow Dreamcatchers

This project is awesome for kids of all ages! Nothing is more timeless than the good ol' fashioned dreamcatcher! Find out how to make your own: Click Here


3. Beach Towel Tote Bag

While you're toasting in the sun at the beach, you'll need a bag to carry all your beach accessories! Check out these cute DIY towel bags that are not only functional but easy to make: Click Here


4. Butterfly and Hummingbird Feeders

If you're a garden enthusiast then you'll LOVE these DIY butterfly feeders! Check out how to make you can make your own: Click Here


5. Paper Mache Summer Fruit Bowls

Another great art and craft project with your kiddos! Click Here to find out how to make yours!


6. Make Your Own Sunscreen

There is nothing worse than spending a great day at the beach and then realizing you forgot to sunscreen up! Don't get burnt this summer; here is a great homemade sunscreen recipe that is eco-friendly and less harmful on your skin: Click Here


There are so many ways to get creative this summer! I hope these options ignite your crafty side and allows you to create memories with your family!

Enjoy your summer!!